Friday, September 12, 2008

Orange Flags, Red Tape

The surveyors are out surveying. Given that they were going along, finding the edge of each property line, it looks like we'll have a back yard, rather than apartments, in back of our house.

Back when I was in high school, and thinking of becoming an architect, I took a drafting class. Good thing: I discovered that it was, while a valuable skill, not really to my liking. A further class field trip, where we surveyed the school grounds, drove that point home. Start at a known point, lay out the measuring chains, measure the temperature, calculate the expansion or contraction of the chain... entirely too picky and mathematical for my taste. It made me appreciate what these guys were doing, and all the more, the shortcuts: previous surveyors had sunk steel spikes into the ground at the edges of the property lines, and finding your fixed reference point was a job that could be done in 30 seconds with a metal detector and shovel. I knew there had to be an easier way to do it than how Mr. Watson was showing us!

According to Brent, the purchase agreements are off in the hands of the lawyers, and then there's a two-week examination period (presumably to allow for public protest... Jan, you hush now!) and then, finally, the closing and excavation, although I'm not certain about the order of the last two. Will it be a month? Several? Will it still happen this year? No idea. In the meantime, I keep scraping together what money I can.

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