Thursday, June 18, 2009

Young Perspectives on an Old Beverage

We were having chili, and nothing goes with that like a good glass of Guinness. The kids were intrigued.

Fiona studied the glass very carefully, and announced that it was beautiful, a sunset with fluffy clouds over a darkening sky, with fireworks. (And yes, that's pretty much how she said it, too.) I took a picture to document her description.

Aiden, on the other hand, wanted a taste. I let him have a tiny sip in his glass. "What's it like?" I asked. He considered for a moment. "It tastes like trains."

Forget what they say on labels about fruity overtones or a dark amber color, or all that frou-frou. We need to have kids describe things for us.


junglewife said...

Ha! Those are some great descriptions/comments :-)

We don't get much selection in beer here. There's the Indonesian brand - "bintang" (which means "star" - there's a big star on the can) and Heineken and that's about it. Once I saw some Guinness at a store here and bought a couple cans as a surprise for Dan without even asking the price. Imagine my shock when later I realized that it was about $4.50/can! And Dan likes the Heineken much better anyway. Oh well!

Tim and Sandee Shuman said...

Andy, I just got the book, "The Genius of Guinness". I haven't started it yet, but I can't wait to get into it. It tells the story of the Guinness family that included not only great beer makers, but also great missionaries, pastors and philosophers. Interesting.
I loved that your kid said Guinness tasted like trains!! I tried it a couple of times (yes, it's true) and I think I agree.