Friday, November 27, 2009

Logo Analysis

I've seen these trucks trundling about Winona Lake on many occasions, but I haven't always had by camera with me. It's a mowing company, and there's a lot to say for this logo:

Let's analyze this logo for a minute:

  1. It has immediate impact. It's a commanding presence. Bold, daring.
  2. It's describable. It's not some vague, swooshy thing. You can tell that this is a guy jauntily pushing a lawnmower.
  3. It's simple. It's not trying to tell you the guy's whole outlook on the world — there's one idea.
  4. It's memorable. I can't think of any other companies with this shape or design. It stands out.
  5. It's timeless. This logo will still effectively communicate in 50 years, unless we're somehow mowing the lawn with space-based lasers or something.
  6. It's versatile. This logo will be effective even if you...
    • Use only one color
    • Blow it up to the size of a billboard (which they did; it looked just like the truck here)
    • Shrink it to the size of a postage stamp
    • Print it in reverse (ie. light logo on dark background or vice-versa)
  7. It describes what the business does. This isn't strictly necessary (IBM's logo doesn't show computers, nor does McDonald's logo show a hamburger, for instance) but in this case, it's a plus.

So, kudos to this company for great logo design.

There's just one problem.

Who are they?

And, how do you contact them?


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Maybe it's just me ... I looked at it and saw a man jogging with his turtle on a leash. It took me a minute to get the lawn mower connection.

Linus said...

I was following a truck the other day that had the outsides of the truck painted to look like the inside of the truck. Apparently it is an electric supply store that comes to your house so you don't have to bother with silly things like measuring how much wiring you actually need ahead of time and stuff like that. Same problem name, no number and the truck is so distracting to look at visually I almost rear ended them because there was so much to see.

A little research online searching for their slogan determined that the company name is Hi-Line, but really why make it that hard

Jonadab said...

The problem you point out was my first thought. The logo is fine as far as it goes, but they need to put their name beside or under it or something. Otherwise, what's the point?

Anonymous said...

What do you think their name is?
Shiny Lawn-Mowing Guy?
or maybe Chrome Yard Care?
No? How about Silver Lawn Dude?