Friday, May 07, 2010

Screeeee...Crash! ...yum, yum, yum.

One of our favorite daily reads around here is Cake Wrecks ("When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.") Deborah is so much a fan that, while her mother (being an erstwhile pro cake decorator herself) was here, they made a Cake Wreck of their own.

We think the pink cake was at fault.

I've heard of fender-benders, but fondant-benders?

Actually, it wasn't just Deborah and her mother; most of us, including Paul, got into the act, staying up well past midnight. It was fun. (My contribution? I used my mad color-matching skilzz to turn what threatened to be an orange-and-pink cake into a pink-and-dark-pink cake, and then also matched the fondant to that same color. Oh, and I twirled some fondant strips around pencils.)

The police cake has yet to arrive on the scene. Think the insurance cake will cover us?

* * *

Often lampooned on Cake Wrecks is the subject of spelling. (How many ways ARE there of mis-spelling "Birthday"? You'd be amazed.) Fortunately, they don't take the over-used Grammar Nazi approach, but try to be funny, instead. (I define "Grammar Nazi" as anyone who would rather correct your wording than respond to the substance of what you've said. I've known many.)

But what do you do when you know you're writing for someone whose grammar skills vastly outstrip your own? What if your intended recipient is a renowned editrix and and proofreader for an academic publisher? Well, if you're my friend/co-worker Amy, you get a cake with three deliberate mistakes...

...and a tube of red frosting to make corrections:

Amy found nine!

(You can read the full thing over here. Thanks for sharing the photos, Amy!)

The best part of these "wrecks," though, is this: No matter how it was decorated, you get to eat the evidence. Yum!

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Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

We like Cake Wrecks here, too.