Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Frio Trio

I've been meaning to post these for a while now. These are from a few weeks ago, when it started getting seriously cold and snowing heavily.

The Frio Trio, crossing the canal that separates the Island from the rest of Winona Lake. I'm up on the bridge, with the kids.

I was surprised to learn that May had never been sledding before. I figured that there had been few opportunities down in Ecuador, but I'd also thought that she would have been in New Hampshire in the wintertime a bit more often. Not so. She didn't seem too reassured when I told her you don't really steer one of these sleds, you just sort of aim it.

"How do you steer?!" May, just about to go down the hill for the first time.

It was bitterly cold that day, though, and despite bundling them to the point of immobilizing them, the kids were crying from the cold after about half an hour. Paul and I played the heroes and carried the kids the three blocks home, and I stayed with them so that May, Deborah and Paul could all go sledding. I wasn't terribly happy about this, but that was largely due to the fact that both Fiona and Aiden cried and screamed for about 45 minutes solid until they were sufficiently warm, dry, fed, rested, and distracted. Thank God for Veggietales!

May brought Paul home.

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