Monday, October 01, 2007

But how do you pronounce it?

I regularly joke that you've lived in our county long enough when you can correctly spell Koscuisko (pronounced "kozzy-oscoh") without looking it up. Now that I've driven through this town, however, I wonder if you've lived there long enough when you can pronounce the name!


I did Google the name, and the only other result I found was someone else photographing the same tower and wondering how it was pronounced. Really.


Jonadab said...

I'm betting on "Eee aych see arr dubbaya aye". Considering you saw it on a water tower, the RWA part could be meant to represent "Regional Water Authority", with some or all of the preceding letters standing for the jurisdiction of the water authority in question.

Your next-door neighbor said...

Umm... Maybe you haven't lived in this county long enough... Check your spelling, it's i-u, LOL

Andy said...


I'm condemned to live here for another 10 years! Kosciusko.