Thursday, October 18, 2007

If the Mesopotamians Made a Music Video... would definitely be this one. I work with these characters (Sargon, Gilgamesh, et al.) on an almost daily basis.

Oh, and, the tune may get stuck in your head. You've been warned.

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Anonymous said...

One day I was curious and decided that I should search for a few words on Google that for some mysterious I had never decided to type. It amazes me that it never occured to me to research this within the past eight years or so, but I finally 'googled' 'oldest song in the world' and found these results (among others):

It's not exactly Mesopotamian, but it's the closest one that I've found so far. It also suggests that harmony is not as recent an invention as some think. One web site says that it is contains "a hymn to the moon god's wife, Nikal." I just wonder... will people a thousand years from now stumble across the Sailormoon theme song and say something similar about it? 'Well, it's obviously a late 2nd or early 3rd millenium composition, and it seems to be about a goddess and her companions who fight evil during the day and are associated with, and perhaps derive their powers from, celestial bodies.' (Please, let's not make any wayward statements about celestial bodies)