Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Beautiful Start to the New Year

OK, this is a few weeks out of date. It started snowing on New Year's Eve, and kept it up heavily for several days. It has all since melted, flooded, dried up, and now it's snowing again, but the pictures are still worth posting, right?

I love the contrast of the ribbons here.

Why so glum, chum?

I was still on vacation, so Deborah, Paul and I would take turns watching the kids (it was too deep, and too cold, for them to enjoy sledding much) while the other two could go sledding. The new cell phone I got for Christmas was especially handy for coordinating the shift changes, and having hot chocolate waiting by the time we trudged home. :-)

Plenty of time to just sit. And think. Or maybe just take in the quiet around you.


FreedomSeeker said...

Wow! What beautiful snow! I wish I could see snow in person. Thanks for the pictures.

marineska said...

do U personally like snow? it annoys me, i hate it......... when it snows, i feel like i have snow under my skin... disgusting((( hate winter.
but its my own opinion of course..
have a nice winter))))))

Andy said...

I grew up in the desert, more or less (I've more or less grown up, and I did so in several areas that were more or less desert) so the snow is still a treat for me. It doesn't snow here much, usually it just gets cold. I don't mind, though; I can still ride my motorcycle if it's only cold! :-)

marineska said...

also live ina very sun-shining place... winters here short and not that cold, but still...