Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cancel that Trip to Venice...

...we've already got enough water.

It's actually higher than it was back in August — this time, I see water leaking in between the floorboards in the shed. This time, too, the street isn't draining, for some reason.

I always wanted waterfront property. The depth here varies between 4 to 8 inches.

We called the town to come out and investigate, and I saw the worker stick the handle of his rake almost all the way into the drains, but the water still isn't going down, and no-one has any good explanations why. The thing that worries me is that the temperature is dropping again. Care to think of what this place will look like if all that freezes?

In the meantime, the carport got me again — the water soaked the packed dirt floor enough that the sidestand sunk right through it. Grrr. My war with the carport was delayed so Deborah could take some classes, but in 2008 I shall show no mercy.

To my surprise, it wasn't difficult to pick up — 500 pounds felt like 50. Deborah asked if I had been bitten by a radioactive spider. I don't have a better explanation yet.


Carolina Kerr said...

So it really did dump water on Tuesday! Do the streets just sort of connect directly to the lake now?
We were watching the skies while we waited for our afternoon flight out of Detroit airport that day, and we even heard plane crew members wondering if their flight would get off the ground before it happened. Ours did, and we´re glad. But when we arrived in Spain we found out that they haven´t had any rain to speak of for months. Can you ship us some of what is in excess over there?

Andy said...

Well, you're welcome to all you can carry!

The roads don't connect directly to the lake... yet... but the canal has already swollen past the seawall. I'm told that people have crossed the island in boats in living memory (1990, I think) but I'm not looking forward to seeing it happen myself.

The town has been out, trying to fix the storm drains on our street today, but without great success, as far as I can tell. They did set up a few pumps to get the water down to a more manageable depth, though.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the white stuff we saw in the canal, some sort of mold or fungus, has grown enough to plug the outlet of the storm drains.--Love, Dad

Andy said...

That's a frightening thought.. cold water algae in the drains...

(For those unaware, cold water algae is the stuff that did in one of my fishtanks a few years back; after killing everything in my tank, it pretty much turned it into a white, gelatious blob that nothing could kill—I tried heat, cold, acid, base, and various herbicides and medications. The final solution was to dry it out for two months.)