Saturday, May 03, 2008

Village Photo Shoot

My parents treated us to a portrait shoot for our tenth anniversary, and we finally got around to taking them up on it. Signature Studio, just down the street from us (good thing, too, as the car was in the shop!) did a great job, and, enlightened people that they are, sold us a CD of the photo shoot, too, so that we can share.


junglewife said...

Beautiful pictures! What a nice-looking family ya'll are! =) Hope your mom/mom-in-law is having/(had?) a wonderful visit with you!

Carolina Kerr said...

I like the pictures, too, and I'm looking forward to seeing the prints. For Junglewife, no we haven't had a visit with them, but we're hoping to do that this summer.

lightpaths said...

I really like the pictures of you walking in the park.
I guessed the picture you added to the page layout was from a shop--since I doubt you all (especially the kids) would be wearing white normally while on a walk.