Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fourth of July

Better late than never, right? Just a bunch of pictures from the 4th...

I found myself in a parade this morning. We'd driven over to the park in the morning so that Fiona could do her bit, and Deborah noted that parade registration was still open. So, with five minutes' notice and a few borrowed flags, Aiden and I manned a parade float.

Fiona was just a few spots behind us, doing a little pom-pom and dance routine.

A pensive cheerleader...

Gimme an F! Uh, wait, maybe that's not the cheer to practice in class...
Yay, Fiona!

They had games and activities at the park after the parade. Here, I'm taking Aiden down a giant slide...

...while Fiona is put out fires with the WLFD.

After a nice picnic supper, my parents and I formed a non-profit corporation, and we all settled down on a blanket to wait for dusk.

Wildflowers at twilight. My mother was rather impressed that I got this shot, given how little light there was.

I realize I could have zoomed in, or cropped this or any number of things... but somehow this shot appealed to me more than the others. Just a warm, open space, people watching the fireworks burst overhead, people enjoying themselves.

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