Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birthdays, age, and how they sometimes go together

This afternoon — for the first time, ever, that I know of — I was referred to as "middle aged." Hey! I just got carded at the grocery store this evening!* I can't be middle aged! Just to clarify...

I'm 34.

Thank you.

I know all this, then, because I just had a birthday. Two, in fact.

The first birthday since last year was the most interesting, given that (a) It's the only surprise party I've ever had, and (b) it was exactly three four months after my normal birthday... to wit, I was 33⅓ years old. Kinda like an old vinyl record, if any of you remember what those were. I think I actually proposed the 33⅓ bit myself, way back when, and then totally forgot about it. But other people didn't forget....

This was pretty much my first indication that something was up — being presented with a cake. Of course, Deborah had also told me (rather than asked) that Paul & Paul (they're roommates) would be coming over to play games. Deborah mentioned picking something up along the way... Just as we were cutting into the cake, I got another surprise, as my parents walked in! I had called my mother earlier to wish her a happy birthday, but I had no idea that they were in the car on the way to see us. We ate and played games, and then just as the party was breaking up, God decided to put on a real show, with thunder, lightning, and a tornado watch spanning several counties. We stuck around for a while longer, as the lightning flashed almost continually for several more hours.

My real birthday was a much more sedate affair.

No, really, it was.

The morning we spent going and redeeming various gift certificates; one was for a much needed new pair of jeans (I was down to one; the new pair is pictured here) and to get some more fish for my aquarium. Fiona drew up a lovely card to go with that one.

That evening, Paul, Paul, Aunt Martha, and all of us went out to eat at Hacienda (hence the hat) Approximately actual size. and gave me a few presents once we got home. Several boxes of chocolate, a green iPod Shuffle (Just what I heavily hinted at!) and a nifty book of "find the difference" photos that Fiona and I greatly enjoy doing together. Monday morning, I also discovered a digital photo frame on my desk at work, and it was several hours before I found out that Paul had collaborated with one of my co-workers to sneak in and set it up.

So yes, I'm another year older. What, I'm supposed to make a speech? Say something wise? Nah! Just reporting the news here. :-)

* To make sure I was at least 21. NOT, as one friend suggested, to make sure I qualified for the senior citizen discount. :-Þ


junglewife said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Mmmmm...hacienda.... When I was pregnant with Natalie sometimes I would send Dan out just to get the chips and salsa from Hacienda. Ah, those were the days. Now it's all: make your own chips, make your own salsa, and the like. Oh well!

Hmm... not to be nit picky here, but wouldn't 3 months after your 33rd birthday actually make you 33.25? wouldn't it be 4 months after your birthday? Or maybe I'm figuring something wrong :-)

Carolina Kerr said...

Your 33 1/3 birthday was four months after your 33rd, August 4, to be exact. I recall that date very well... The surprise was really a lot of fun.

Andy said...

Right you are, both of you. Mathematics and proofreading aren't my strong points! For that matter, I've never been able to list all the months of the year in order without having to stop and think about it, either. That's raised eyebrows on the few occasions that I've had to take a proper IQ test.

Michelle said...

As usual, I'm always leaving comments in the wrong place, ahead of time... Of course, that makes me look prescient! So again, Happy Birthday! :)

Andy said...

Actually, it's those sorts of comments that jog me along and say, "you really should be posting more, you know!"

So your own comments cause your comments to be attached to the wrong post. ;-)


Linus said...

"Truly you have a dizzying intellect..."
S. Morgenstern

Jonadab said...

Hey, before you know it, Fiona will be middle-aged.