Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fooling Around at Work

Every now and then, I get to have a little fun at work... it's now gotten to the point where people are calling and asking where our April 1 material is when they don't find it early in the morning. So, please, stop for a minute and go enjoy six months of work that were finished in a hurry mere minutes before it was posted:

The pièce de résistance, in my opinion, is the song, which was written by Norm Sherman of the Drabblecast for us. Norm seriously impressed me with the depths he was willing to go to to write this song. Deborah and I have been quoting lines from it ever since we got the file late last night.

In my own humble opinion, the poster came out pretty well, too:

If you're interested, this one actually is for sale. An Andy Kerr original, for $15? Amazing!

The disappointing bit that wasn't for sale, the USB flash drive/cylinder seal, actually has a petition going, trying to convince us to make it. Funny thing is, I want to make it... it would be cool. I even have quotes from manufacturers. But alas, I don't think even I can convince 500 people to part with $30+ for a flash drive, no matter how cool.

Now, how do we top this for next year...?


johnsonweider said...

I should have waited to post my comments - they're all on the wrong blog entry now! I'm very impressed with the poster. Cool work! You guys really rock. :)

Jim said...

how about 1000 people for $15

Andy said...

Jim, you want to finance it?

Only a measly $15,000...