Sunday, October 04, 2009

Power from the Sea

As I was standing around fixing things — on average, I fix a toy per day; the washing machine makes a good workbench — Aiden brought his dinosaur flashlight to me.

"Daddy, can you fix my dinosaur flashlight?"

It's a wonderful flashlight; it roars when you turn it on, and it's constructed in such a way that a kid can't disassemble it — a fact that has occasionally made it the only working flashlight in the house. It just needed new batteries, but I didn't have any in the right size.

"I'm sorry Aiden, I don't have what I need to fix your flashlight right now."
"What do you need?"
"Two C-cells."
"There's some in the fishtank."
"There are batteries in the fishtank?" I prepared to panic.
"No," said Aiden, with exasperated patience, "there are seashells."

He was so sure he was being helpful, I hated to tell him that I just needed batteries!


Carolina Kerr said...

Three cheers for Aiden!

Linus said...

Hmmm...flashlight that runs on seashells...that would be an amazing flashlight!

lightpaths said...

The way children understand the world is really amazing. To a child a battery and a seashell could very well be the same--if his Daddy tells him so.