Saturday, October 03, 2009

Art that Speaks to You

Sometimes, you're just walking/riding/driving along, and art just calls out to you, by name. Sometimes, quite literally:

This guy obviously subscribes to the "If you can't make it good, make it big" theory.

Seriously. All that, on one train. And I didn't even look at the other side.

Deborah and I, with a certain amount of seriousness, describe graffiti on trains as "authentic urban art, direct from the nation's urban cultural epicenters, in a free traveling exhibit." Some of these guys have talent. I stood and looked at this one for quite a while:

Can you see the skate ramps?

And this one caught my attention, as well:

The amazing thing here is, along with his excellent use of color and shading (with a spray can!) the guy signed his name. Obviously, Mr. Jennigs either isn't worried about being prosecuted for his work, or he (rightly) wants credit for what he's done.

When was the last time you stopped and took a look at the art spoiling your town?


lightpaths said...

I wonder how long the train carts must sit in one place in order to be noticed as a blank canvas and then to be painted on.

Andy said...

Half an hour or so, would be my guess.

Jonadab said...

Certain locations, because of the nature of the local industry, *perpetually* have traincars sitting around. The individual cars come and go, of course, but kids in the neighborhood grow up taking it for granted that there are always traincars there.