Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I thought you'd never ask!

Once in a while, someone asks you to do the very thing that you want to do, to use that otherwise utterly useless skill in some amazing way... and you didn't even have to offer.

It was just such an evening. Fiona came over to me and held up an old pan that had been relegated to "toy" use. "Daddy, would you make me a wooden spoon? It needs to be about this long, and about this wide, and you can make it so it can scoop things."

Well.... yeah!

A piece of an old 2x4, the rasp of a bandsaw, the whir and flutter of the lathe, and the whine of a Dremel, and I had it:

OK, so it turned out more like an ice cream scoop than a spoon, but I like it. That was fun.

Now Deborah wants me to make her some spoons, too...


Anonymous said...

How did you take that picture? That looks really professional.

Andy said...

I stuck it on a green pillow (contrasting color), turned things so the light fell on it the way I wanted, then took the picture using macro mode on the camera. I did some minor fiddling with the color in Photoshop to account for the color of the light. Basically, I just got close and went "click."