Sunday, December 13, 2009

Risanna! (by Deborah)

We didn't send out lots of pictures of Risanna like we did with the other kids. So here is a post just for you — Risanna pictures!

What a smiley playful girl! She loves to play with Mommy.

Another picture from June- sleeping despite the heat, or maybe because of it.

Teaching the girls to bang nails at the fourth of July. (Aiden got to bang nails too, but he and Andy were much faster at making their project then the girls.)

And here she is again, our happy girl. She loves to play with toys!

Another cute picture.

Risanna made it to the top of the mountain along with me. This was fairly near the top- I recognize the wrap style I was using.

A historic moment in the life of Risanna. Not that she'll remember it.

Risanna and our saintly cat. Having a Daddy nearby helps. Look how excited she is!

No, don't worry, it's only plastic corn. She's practicing for when she's old enough to actually try it.

Risanna tries to find out why her sister is so enthralled with duckies.

Risanna helps fold the laundry.

Risanna is one! She doesn't really know what to do with her presents. We eventually show her how to open them.

And don't forget the birthday cake. It was her first time to eat cake. She caught on right away.

Playing with her brother.

She LOVES "touchy-feely" books. She tries to feel the pages of every book to see if it feels any different.

Hopefully that covers the Risanna picture deficit!


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Adorable! BTW, how do you pronounce Risanna? I'm reading it as "ree-SAH-nah" but it occurred to me I might be wrong.

junglewife said...

Those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing them, Deborah! I can't believe Risanna is 1 already! She really is a cutie... :-)

Hey, you should really post more often on Andy's blog. Not that I don't enjoy HIS posts, of course!

Andy said...


We pronounce it so that it rhymes more or less with "fleece" and "banana."


Glad you like my posts, too! ;-)


Jonadab said...

Hang onto that picture with the duckies. When she gets to be about eleven years old or so, that'll be great blackmail material.