Thursday, August 05, 2010

Update on Allan, Part II

I just got off the phone with Carolyn (my mother-in-law; my mother is also named Carolyn; the poor kids are going to think "Carolyn" and "Grandma" are interchangeable) for an update on Allan. He got home from the hospital on Monday, and is on a slow, steady program to get his strength back. The stent he has in is apparently coated in a medicine that helps dissolve the plaque directly at the site. Nurses are visiting about twice a week to check in on him and work on his rehabilitation, and treadmill tests are scheduled about two weeks out.

Hurrah, he's home!


junglewife said...

Good to hear!

Also... was good to see you (albeit quite briefly!) yesterday :-)

Jonadab said...

> poor kids are going to think "Carolyn" and
> "Grandma" are interchangeable

The first time I ever heard my grandma's given name (on my dad's side) was when I was about ten, and they had me answer the phone at her house so none of the adults would have to stand up. (This was back in the eighties, before phones started ringing so often that everyone started buying cordless and carrying them from room to room.) I, being completely unaware until then that "Virginia" can be the name of a person, assumed they were talking about the state and told them that they had a wrong number.