Monday, June 27, 2011

Fiona Joins the Glasses Club

Next up, braces? Hmmm.

Fiona's first grade teacher and the school nurse had been after us for a while to get Fiona's eyes checked. It didn't make sense to us, though, because the could obviously see very well at both a distance ("Look Daddy, there's a rabbit on the other side of the field!") and up close ("Look Daddy, this tiny bug has claws like a lobster!") but finally, we gave in and took her. Turns out one eye was doing great — well enough that the other eye was just taking a break and goofing off. So now Fiona has joined that grand Kerr tradition of being bespectacled.

Of course, now we have new problems. Now think, Fiona, do you remember where you took them off...?


junglewife said...

Nice glasses! Now I have to pass along the website that I LOVE and recommend to everyone who wears glasses - You may have heard of it but just wanted to let you know in case you hadn't... Their glasses start at VERY reasonable prices - reasonable enough that you can buy 5 pairs for Fiona and then not worry where she took them off, or if they get broken, etc!

Jonadab said...

She may be a little young yet for braces, but be patient: they'll be along soon enough. Anyway, you can probably use the time to save up for them.