Friday, July 29, 2011

You've got to start somewhere

We were looking through some pictures on the camera, when we came across a few that neither Deborah nor I remember taking. Looks like Risanna is getting an early start on photography!

Welcome, my dear, to a fascinating, maddening hobby. My your frames be free of camera straps, and your grip be steady and true. It gets better from here.


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Cute! We used to have a few of those with every download before our little someone broke our camera (twice!) and we started hiding it up high.

Andy Jentes said...

We've tried that too and not that our "little guy" isn't as little he's got great reach. Now "up high" for him has become "outta sight - outta mind" for us. We remember the camera 15 secinds after the great photo op, one mile out of the driveway, or not until we see someone elses camera, whichever comes last. :-(

Jonadab said...

Up high works for some kids, not so well for climbers. There was no such thing as putting something up high enough to be "out of reach" for Hannah. (She was not yet walking the first time she jumped off the top of the refrigerator -- which jump then became a frequent recreation.)

We did have a room that locked, which was good enough for a while, but she figured out how to defeat that before she turned four. Locked desk drawers later failed too, even when she didn't have access to the key. I still don't know how she got that open, but she managed it repeatedly.

I eventually became very good at hiding things.