Thursday, January 11, 2007

By the way, we're back in Indiana now

I never did mention that we flew back here on New Year's day. A few people are still under the impression that we're still in New Hampshire. But: We're back. Now you know.

May didn't come back with us, as originally planned. May's other sister, Sara, volunteered to coach May in her schoolwork, which had come to something of a standstill (standoff?) under our supervision. Last we heard, the schoolwork was going quite well.

Ah, yes, the bear. You were wondering about that, weren't you?

This was one of Fiona's Christmas presents, from her grandmother, I think. We went to New Hampshire with full suitcases, and all the carry-ons we could handle. We had even more coming back — I thought for sure we'd have to leave things behind. But on the last night, I had a bright idea: the bear could ride in the car seats on the plane! To save further space, the bear is also wearing Aiden's bulky snowsuit. Problem solved!

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Carolina Kerr said...

OK, I'll try for the third time to leave this commentary. Blogger just isn't set up yet to have comments left on Old Blogger by people who have suffered the changeover.

I was trying to say that the explanation you give here makes the post about May's dog understandable. I was left with wondering who was where when I read that. I hope her studies go well in New Hampshire.