Thursday, January 11, 2007

Seventeen weeks

I think I'm gaining a real appreciation for a number of things here.

For one thing, I am so glad that my career doesn't require either a) certification, or b) mandatory classes to retain one's certification. (What would I take, Remedial Creativity?) Deborah, on the other hand, does. She needs 6 more credit hours before she can renew her teaching license. So, tonight she left for the first class in Fort Wayne; Methods of Language Learning or something along those lines. Interestingly, its billed as both a 400-level (college senior) and as a graduate-level course. Same students, classroom discussion, etc., but different requirements and paper lengths. Since Deborah has no desire to get her Master's in anything, she's doing it as the 400-level course, which is plenty to regain her certification. You could, ostensibly, take underwater basket weaving if it actually applied to the subject you were teaching, such as elementary arts & crafts.

Another thing I'm starting to appreciate is just how active my kids are during those times when I'd normally be off at work. Yikes. I thought I'd have some time to get a few things done while I was home. Hah!

I'm pooped. And we have 16 weeks to go...

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Mark said...

Melissa suffered the same fate. She took some Spanish classes to renew her license. As fate would have it, the license expired before the classes got paid for (still paying...)