Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Once more, without feeling

I got the car back together. The gasket leaks. I have a missing wingnut and a mysterious extra vacuum hose that I don't know where it goes. Basically, I have to redo the whole thing.

Can anyone loan me a car for Thursday?


Jonadab said...

Ugh. Cars can be more trouble than it seems like they're worth sometimes. The wingnut's not such a big deal (worst case scenario: buy a replacement; they're not very expensive), but having to take something apart again and put it back together again, after you already did once, not knowing for sure that you'll get it right the second time either, that's annoying, and the other option is to pay a mechanic, who might very well charge you a nice chunk of change and not really solve the problem. Fun, fun, fun.

Andy said...

Yeah, you've got the picture.

There was a while yesterday when I considered driving the thing out to the middle of the ice, finding a weak spot, and sinking it. But of course, being ecologically minded, I would have wanted to drain all the fluids out of it, so as not to damage the denizens of the lake, and that would mean that I couldn't *drive* it out onto the ice, and I didn't feel like pushing it, really.