Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A bunny thing happened on the way to work...

I wasn't watching the road on my way home for lunch on Monday, so I ended up running over something hard and square-edged. Wow, amazing I didn't get pinch flats! I thought. After lunch I discovered that both tires were flat, so I asked Deborah if she would pick up some new tubes while I took the motorcycle back to work. She did, but inadvertently got one with the wrong kind of valve, so I stopped by to swap it on my way to work on Tuesday.

When I came out, I discovered this little guy sitting by my tires. I didn't think the middle of a parking lot was the greatest place for a little bunny, so I tried shooing him back to the grass. To my amazement, he let me pick him up. At that point, my artistic side told me it was a shame that I didn't have my camera, as this was obviously a willing subject. But how would I go get it? He obviously couldn't ride like this...

Easy Rider. I opened my coat a little, and he hopped in eagerly, out of the cold wind. I had a hard time getting him out of there, actually.

Is that a banana in your pocket or... hey, is that a rabbit and a banana in your pocket?

So I went home, got the camera, and got a few dozen pictures.

Once I was done with his photo session, we rode together back to the bike shop, and I released him into the foliage, where he hopped away happily.

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