Thursday, May 03, 2007

Greenway updates

I stopped in to ask Rob about the sign on the bike shop lawn. He said he'd gotten a few queries about it, but that it just meant that there should be no bikes on the sidewalk, as it wasn't wide enough. I shot him a curious glance, and asked if he'd actually seen the sign. He hadn't, so I took him out to the corner. His response was hilarious. No bikes! Right on the lawn of the bike shop! And he hadn't even known it was there! Fortunately, Rob has a pretty good sense of humor, and he told me that it was part of a regulation for the marking of the greenway, and certain things were required to get the state funding. Still...

Elsewhere, as I had hoped, they've been painting lines to supplement the plethora of signs on the new greenway. It's much easier to figure out now.

This looks promising. Note the suggestion of helmet usage.

On the bright side, we've got better traffic direction here. On the down side, we now have a concrete post to run into.

Marking lines for painting a path along E. Canal St. By the way, there's no crosswalk here, either!

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