Friday, December 28, 2007

Click, click, click...

It's a mark of desperation — or just a sign of how far my digital camera has gone downhill — that I pulled out a good old-fashioned film camera for snapshots on Christmas morning. And I rediscovered something: I like these old cameras for a reason. They just plain take better photos. I don't think I can afford the roll-a-day habit for long, though. So, Santa: how about a nice digital SLR for next year?

My brother-in-law, Paul. The pile of toys in the background adds an interesting (if unintentional) layer of meaning as he's opening the stocking.

My grandmother-in-law.

My son, Aiden. I love the simple, unclutteredness of this picture — even if that is a cardboard box in the background.

I really like this shot of my father-in-law. The soft, muted colors just came out right... which I wish I could say is something I'd planned out perfectly, but in reality, I just sat down next to him on the couch, pointed it at him and pressed the shutter.

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