Friday, December 21, 2007


The morning dawned, and it was still coming down. This is when the cat could still walk more-or-less normally in the snow (note the footprints) ...later that day, it was a good deal deeper than his legs, and he looked like he was swimming in it — a frosty furry breast stroke. I wish I had gotten a video. It was hilarious.

That evening, we were still digging out. It took an hour and a half to get one car out. My neighbor came along a few days later with a truck and a chain and helped me get the other car out in under a minute. Guys with trucks live for this time of year.

Park Ave., looking towards the Village.

Church was canceled (for the second week in a row!) so we all tried to go sledding. Here Fiona is trying to follow Deborah's tracks through the snow to the sledding hill.

I have to try it every year, if only to remind me of why I shouldn't. Yes, those are tire tracks out to the alley. Most of the challenge is getting out to the streets, which are plowed; you have to use a variety of techniques, and I made up a few new ones this time around — one that worked well was putting the bike in gear, and walking along beside it, feathering the clutch. Much easier than pushing the bike through drifts, and a lot less likely to spin out, too.

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porcupinetaxi said...

Great images, I hope your Christmas was a blessed one.