Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pink Link

Deborah and I have been relaxing in the evenings by playing old N64 games, particularly Zelda. Deborah has been working through Ocarina of Time again, and I'm hacking my way through Majora's Mask.

This has not gone unnoticed by the kids, who are fascinated by the interactive quest and its mysterious puzzles and oddball objects. The kids have taken to playing "Zelda" with each other, equipping themselves with Swords (wiffle bat), Megaton Hammers (toy hammers), and, their favorite, Fire Arrows, most of which look suspiciously like paper towel tubes.

Fiona, dressed for adventure:

"I'm ZELDA!" ...OK, never mind that Zelda is actually the princess you're supposed to be saving, and that the hero's name is actually Link. You can be Zelda.

I included this picture as a premonition of things to come... "I have conquered this living room. Now, off to break all the boy's hearts!"

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