Friday, June 06, 2008

They're catching on...

People are starting to catch on to something I've known for years now: motorcycles get about twice the gas mileage of cars.

I'm seeing a lot more small bikes on the road, Honda Rebels especially, their 234cc engines buzzing cheerily down the road. (The Nighthawk I used to have, with the same engine, regularly got more than 80 mpg.) People have stopped asking if I can do wheelies, and have started asking what kind of mileage I get on That Thing. TIME magazine suggested motorcycles as an alternate form of driving vacation.

Even one of the banks here is using it to fish for loans: "Gas prices too high? Talk to us about a motorcycle loan!" (This is shrewd on many levels — motorcycles loans command much higher interest rates than just about any other loan type, and they're giving every guy out there an excuse to tell his wife, "Yeah, but it's for the gas mileage, dear!").

It's hard to argue with the cost of the vehicle. People are on triage waiting lists to buy a Prius at upwards of $20k. A very nice used motorcycle can be had for... $2k. If you're going to spend money to save money, why not spend less to begin with?

* * *

I stopped at the gas station last night to top off my tank, as I no longer have a reliable gas gauge other than my odometer. 137.1 miles since last fillup; 2.77 gallons. $10.65.

You math majors have already figured it out: Even with my upright, aerodynamic-as-a-brick-flying-sideways position... 49.49 mpg.

Ever wonder why motorcyclists are usually grinning?

Now you know one more reason!

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screentwelve said...

I've not noticed motorcyclists usually grinning. Usually they have a "tough guy" look on their face, although maybe it's more a "I'm keeping my mouth closed so I don't eat a bug" face.