Monday, September 25, 2006

New life for a dead tree, part 2

So where were with our tree?

I stopped and talked to the guy on my way to work this morning. You'd think someone running a chainsaw wouldn't want to be bothered, but it seems this guy's on the lookout for people to talk to while he's working. His name is Brian Yoder. Apparently, he's been comissioned to do several more trees around here.

Here he's fitting a new piece on the top, as the part that was supposed to go there was rotten. I suppose that's a common problem if your main medium is dead trees...

I did a search for this guy, and found out he's been doing this since he was 8. The commentary (by RevPharaoh) on that bit of info was pretty funny:

"Yoder had been doing chainsaw art since he was eight years old?!?"

This raises all sorts of questions, like:

Where were his parents?

Was his first chainsaw art on purpose or accidental?

Does Suzuki make child size chainsaws for young artists like they do violins?

My eight year old wants to start making bulldozer art. Should I encourage him?