Thursday, September 21, 2006

New life for a dead tree

Here in Winona Lake, we don't cut down trees. Well, not all the way. If they're in a nice setting, other things tend to happen to them. This morning, I came across this fellow by Rodeheaver Auditorium on my way to work, a very pleasant Amish guy.*

When I took this picture, he told me he was removing some embedded nails from the wood. I'll take more pictures as the day goes on. I can hear his chainsaw from where I'm sitting...

*It's generally a safe assumption around here that men with long beards and no mustaches are Amish, but not always: when I was with Deborah in the hospital a few years ago, one of the hospital staff apparently couldn't see my mustache too well, and kept offering me instructions on how to use the elevators.