Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Terribly Tired

What do you think---can get a few hundred more miles out of it? Aren't those shiny metal bits what they call "wear bars," and you're supposed to replace the tire when you can see them...?

I'm kidding. I'm way overdue for a new tire here. Those are the steel belts poking through. The new tire arrived today, after I scoured the internet to find a price that didn't make me wince. ($113. *Wince.* If you find a better price on a Metzeler Z6 rear, let me know.)

On the bright side, I've already saved money—the same tire at the local shop is $150 and they want $30 to put it on—and that's if you bring in the wheel on it's own. Instead, I'm going to visit my co-worker, Mike, and have him help me put the new tire on. Rather than pay the shop when his motorcycle tires wore out, he instead invested several hundred in his own tire-changing station. The way we figured it, between the cheaper prices on the internet and avoiding the shop's fee, the rig will pay for itself after three tires.

You'd try to get the most out of your tires, too!

Of course, I might have to wait until Mike gets his own motorcycle back together. Poor Mike---I used to think he was a pessimist, but then I started realizing that everything does happen to him. Not only did he get a flat tire, but he tore up his big toe getting his bike into the truck. Heavy bikes, kickstands, and sandals don't mix!

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