Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday on the Lake

Winona Lake is really more "home" to us than a source of recreation, but Wednesday was an exception. Chad and Janene took us out for what is probably the last ski run of the year, but it was easily the best---Deborah got up for the first time!

Deborah, about to ski

OK, she didn't get up for very long---maybe ten seconds---but it was exciting. We borrowed the Volkers' "Big Kahuna" skis, which had the dual advantage of being adjustable enough to fit Deborah's feet, and wide enough to provide enough lift to get me out of the water without feeling like I was trying to lift a truck. They weren't terribly maneuverable, though, so wake-jumping took a lot of concentration. But it was great to be on top of the water for a change!

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