Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ego Surfing

Inspired by Jonadab's post, I Googled my own name. (Yes, that's a verb now. I side with the neologists.) Now, it used to be that — back when Yahoo! was the only good way to find things on the web — my own homepage would come up in the top of the rankings every time. That's no longer true. Apparently, I now have a much more storied existence: I am a great conservationist, I have football stadiums named after me (which is unusual, as I'm apparently a rugby player) and, improbably, I am both a Colorado state representative and a member of Scottish parliament. I didn't know they allowed one to assume simultaneous roles of leadership in multiple countries.

1 comment:

Jonadab said...

What can I say? Apparently Kerr is a much more common name than Eady.