Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A taste of Koscuisko County

Last week, we all went down to the County Fairgrounds for the annual "Taste of Agriculture in Koscuisko County." (You know you've been living here for a while when you can spell "Koscuisko" without looking it up...) We've been before, so some of these might look a little familiar to some of you, except that the kids are a year older.

Right when you get there, there's a tractor blocking the way. And it's huge. I dread coming across one of these things on a backroad in fall, because it takes up both lanes, even with one of the wheels off in the ditch, going 15 miles an hour...

Aiden, inside the hub of one of the wheels of an enormous tractor. The whole thing was about as wide as our house, and probably cost about four times as much.

What? I need a caption?

One of the reasons we enjoy going every year is the free samples. It is, indeed, a taste of Koscuisko. They're handing out popcorn as you walk in (corn) and really, really good hand-made ice cream (dairy) as well as getting samples of things you can't eat, like soy candles.

Let's see, there's an egg, barbecued buffalo (small cup at the top), buffalo sausage, roast duck (at bottom), lamburger (far right), and I don't recall what's in the cup on the far left, although it was tasty.

Mentone, IN, just to the southwest of us, purports to be the "Egg basket of the Midwest" and includes such attractions as the World's Largest Concrete Egg. They also bring along warm fuzzies...

Two chicks.

I love the expression here. This is obviously one of those "Don't call me a chick" chicks.

While we were there, we got to see guys handling livestock... hey, wait a minute... how'd that photo get in here...?

There were, of course, other things to see an touch, like pigs (pre-inked with cut lines) and sheep (who being sheared every half-hour or so) as well as demonstrations of horseshoing and the like.

"I'm not too sure about this human..."

If only I had thought to have my goatee on the outside of the board.

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