Friday, April 06, 2007

Gotta start somewhere!

Quick — name a movie or show directed by Tim Burton, starring James Earl Jones and Leonard Nimoy.

You're probably thinking to yourself, "What kind of movie is that? A creepy Halloween-sci-fi-political thriller?" ...ah, think back further, before those guys got defined in their signature roles and styles. Now, imagine them in extremely low-budget productions — you've seen more elaborate props at a high-school play. Imagine them acting melodramatic — complete hams.

This is the joy of watching Faerie Tale Theatre. Shelley Duvall, executive producer, didn't spend a lot of money on these things, but she had an uncanny knack for picking actors who would go on to be big names in Hollywood. May got the whole collection for Christmas, and we've been watching them on nights when it's too late to start a full-length movie, but want to watch something.

Tomorrow night, Robin Williams as the frog in the Frog Prince...

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