Sunday, July 29, 2007


What do you do when someone gives you a 100 oz. jug of bubble solution? Well, you use it, of course!

Deborah works the big bubble wand, which was producing two- to five-foot bubbles this day. (Humidity and temperature make a big difference in bubble-blowing. Deborah says she tried this at the water's edge a few winters ago, and the bubbles bounced on for ages through the mist across the surface of the ice.)

Deborah and Fiona sit together, blowing bubbles.

Deborah blows some bubbles for Aiden.

Aiden tries. He could hold the bubble wand in the right place, or he could blow, but he couldn't quite get the hang of doing both at the same time yet. He was delighted to finally get some bubbles of his own!

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