Thursday, July 12, 2007

What kind of sucker...

Good thing I'm not known for drinking margaritas.

One of my co-workers dropped by my desk, and said he's come across these lollipops at a friend's house, and thought of me. He gave me a choice between the jalapeño and and the chili pepper, and, since I've yet to try a jalapeño candy that I've liked, I chose the chili pepper lollipop.

Not bad, really. The clear part tasted like cinnamon, and the pepper was definitely real.

Dave went on to tell me that they had other flavors, ones that included other real items in them, like green apple flavor... with a worm. Or, inexplicably, vodka flavored (vodka has a flavor?) with a scorpion in it. I'm at a bit of a loss to explain the scorpion, although I suppose that vodka is more-or-less associated with Russia, and places like China serve fried scorpions, so maybe there's some Sino-Russian overlap there.

I was curious about how the, uh, ingredients were prepared, so I sent off an email to the company. The reply was sitting in my in-box this morning:

Hello Andy,
Thank you for your interest in Hotlix. Hotlix raises all there insect's for food products. They are cooked and processed and safe to eat. We have to go by all State & Federal regulations that any food manufacture would. Try the Scorpion Suckers, they are the most popular. I prefer the Cheddar Cheese Larvets.
Best Regards,
Kathy Mitchell

We live in such a wonderfully weird world.

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