Monday, July 16, 2007

New Emoticons

Most of us here are familiar with "emoticons" — sideways smiles and winks we add to our posts and emails to help convey certain sentiments. Only using the standard keyboard characters available to you is quite limiting, though, and I figured I could do better. Just adding the International Phonetic Alphabet to the standard set of emoticons opens up all kinds of new possibilities:

That was tasty, but I'll probably regret it later.

colon, hyphen, Unicode ʠ (Latin small letter q with hook — voiceless uvular implosive)

My lips are sealed, but you can't stop me from smirking.

colon, hyphen, Unicode ɟ (Latin small letter dotless j with bar — voiced palatal stop)

I am screaming so loudly that you can see my uvula quite plainly

colon, hyphen, Unicode ʚ (Latin small letter closed epsilon — lower-mid front rounded vowel)

I'm keeping an eye on you, buddy.

Unicode ʘ (Latin letter bilabial click), hyphen, close parenthesis

I'll create more in the days to come. In the meantime... ʘ-)

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