Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Two! No, really, now! Two!

I'm getting quite behind in posting; there's quite a lot going on.

That said, on to Aiden's Birthday, which was on the thirteenth, but we celebrated on the fifteenth, and now I'm telling you about it a week later.

With seven people blowing discreetly from around the table, Aiden managed to blow out the candles in two or three tries.

He didn't need any such help with the cake, though. That's angel food cake with blueberry filling and whipped cream. The first bite, as they say, is with the eyes...

Someone finally figured out that kids play with the boxes as much as the gifts, so they started making really cool boxes. On this one, you unzip the teeth of the alligator to open it, remove the boring thing inside (some nice overalls) and set the gator-box to eating various things around the living room, like balloons, sisters, and cats.

Deborah managed to find a toy drill that looked almost exactly like my own. Seriously, this thing had more features and works better than some other cordless drills I've owned. Here I am, showing him how to drill.

That's one birthday for a small boy, one giant mess for the living room.

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