Thursday, August 23, 2007

You are getting... hungry...

More often than not during summer, the sun is setting as we sit down to eat. And, for a while — before the sun gets in my eyes and I have to pull the shade — the light plays across my food in an interesting way. Deborah has (for the most part) gotten used to me getting up in the middle of a meal to go fetch the camera.

Deborah calls this picture "Pickles at Attention." Appropriate enough. I call them "pickles that get your attention" — cutting up the peppers releases the flavor a lot better than our old method of just dropping them in. So: Andy pictured a pack of peppered pickles...

They call these "grape tomatoes"... except that, now, grapes are the size of cherry tomatoes, both of which are larger than any cherry I've seen. Maybe we should just start specifying the diameter? Or going back to calling them "itty bitty" and "great big" tomatoes?

An unbroken tostada on a clean plate. How long can that last?

Watermelon, soaked in ginger ale. Yummy scrumbos.

The sun is setting soon. I wonder what's for supper?

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