Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Good Recommendation

I was wandering around Wal-Mart at 11:30 last night, looking for an alarm clock. (They're in the furniture section, by the way.) I was completely worn out, and a bit overwhelmed by the variety, and worried about the rather disparate needs I have in an alarm clock — see, our bed is about six feet in the air, and several previous alarms have met their doom from a lesser height. I needed one with a pleasant sound; Deborah's favorite alarm clock (which she still implies that I broke on purpose) literally made me jump nearly a foot off the bed when it went off. And, I wanted one that I could see in the night if I wanted to, but that wouldn't keep me awake with the glare. I thought a snooze button might be a good idea, too. It was all too much to process. Almost without thinking, I closed my eyes, and said, "God, give me wisdom in picking out an alarm clock. It's important." When I opened my eyes, they were immediately drawn to one clock — it was a weird sensation, like my eyes had handles — and locked onto it. That one? Well, I hadn't wanted to be greedy; it was more than the $5 I'd planned on spending, but not by much. I noted the need for batteries, bought it, and went home. Paul was home when I got there, and started raving about the clock, how he had one just like it, and it was the best one he'd ever had. I just smiled. It was a nice confirmation of what I already knew: God knows what he's doing, and he's taking care of me, even in the dark days of my insane schedule.


Beautifully Profound said...

I'm lucky, I always ALWAYS wake up right before my alarm goes off. I don't use the beeping option I usually use the radio one, which gets pretty cruddy reception and is usually just a bunch of static. Nonetheless I never hear it anyway.

Andy said...

I'm guessing you get enough sleep. When I was in high school, the soft "tick" my alarm clock made one minute before it went off would wake me up, and I'd get up and go get ready for the day. Back then, my life was regimented enough that I really did get enough sleep, and it showed. Now... 'tain't so!