Thursday, September 13, 2007

That's what coffee is for, right?

Last night, I wonderd to myself, "Why am I so tired?" Then I got to thinking about it. Let's see:

  • I'm working 40 hours a week.
  • My supervisor is on vacation, so I get to manage the department in her stead.
  • I'm coming home in the middle of that for about 24 hours a week so that I can watch the kids so that Deborah can go to work and go to class.
  • I'm trying to finalize the deal on my motorcycle parts drawing.
  • I'm painting my shed.
  • I'm renovating my attic.
  • I'm coordinating the construction of new lower cabinets for my kitchen, wrangling plumbers, and getting ready to do remove the old cabinets myself — and I need to keep them largely intact, as I've found someone who will haul it away for free so that he can use them as a workbench in his garage.
  • I'm trying to finish collating 1,500 copies of my book. By hand.
  • I'm transferring my domain name and business website to another server.
  • Diagnose and fix an electric car, when I know astoundingly little about electrical circuits.
  • Diagnose and fix a gas-powered car, when I know astoundingly little about carburetors.

Oh, and, most of it's fairly urgent.

The cracks are starting to show. Don't they make some sort of spackle for that?

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