Saturday, September 22, 2007

Painting the shed, we sing "Alleluia!"

When choosing friends and relatives, you should make sure they all have useful talents which you can expoit for your own gain. That way you won't have to pay them!

I'm kidding, of course. We did buy them lunch...

Having Joel and Paul — both profesional painters — help out with this project made an enormous difference. The shed looks so much better now.

Wait, are they helping me, or am I helping them...?

The only downer during the whole process was Joel getting a call from his boss during the middle of the project. When Joel told him what we were doing, his boss said, "Oh, if I had known, I could have given you 10 gallons of Duration (about $450 worth of premium paint) for free." ....sigh. I'll be sure to ask next time!

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