Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The cutting room floor

I tend to batch-process photos for my blog, and when I'm writing, editing, and trying to fit the words and the pictures together, inevitably a few good pictures get left out. Which isn't to say that they're bad pictures; they just didn't fit the post, for one reason or another... So without further ado, seven pictures from the cutting room floor:

While we were walking down to the lake to see the sunset, one of our neighbors (whom I don't know) invited us out of the blue to use his lawn chairs and enjoy the show. So we did.

The cat, alas, didn't want to join the others on the tricycle.

Slaving away in the kitchen, putting books together. I built these racks last time we were making books; they've held up quite well. The only tricky bit is getting them out of the rack, and into the box to go to the binder. To my amazement (and great relief) we've never dropped a stack.

No, Aiden, I get to drive first. We can switch off when we get to Albuquerqe!

In reality, I think Aiden is just fulfilling his role as little brother by pulling Fiona's hair.

There were all sorts of people at the Harry Potter book launch. These two held my attention for some reason, and didn't mind a photo.

One, two, three! Fiona and Aiden help Uncle Paul wash dishes. Children love to help until they are able.

Sunlit Fiona.

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