Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just Another Winona Lake Sunset

As we were finishing dinner the other night, I noticed that the sky was pink outside. Deborah took a peek, too. A few minutes later, we all had our shoes on for a stroll down to the end of the block.

This one is made up of seven separate photos, which I blended together. You can click to see a larger version.

It reminded me of when I was at Grace, talking to some friends who were about to graduate. What would they miss? The sunsets, they said. This puzzled me, but they explained that when you live in the hills of eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania, the sun just drops out of sight. No wonder I could find them down by the lake every Sunday night!

I've also since found out that "Beyond the Sunset," which is in most hymnbooks, was written right here on this lake. Interesting, eh?

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Mark said...

Excellent photos. I like your "stitched together" panorama.