Sunday, April 27, 2008

At Long Last

This was one of those glorious, shining afternoons when everything came together just right. See, for years now, I've been longing for a place where I can work on cars and bikes indoors, out of the elements, where I can use proper jacks on a level surface, and be close to the tools — and, ideally, also be in a place where I can walk away and lock the door, without fear of having my tools grow legs. I'm almost there. The cars are too big to come in, but for my two-wheeled vehicles (and the electric cart), it's a longing fulfilled.

A fair amount of work went into this one moment — we had to make a new door in the shed, had to make new storage space, and had to sell, sort, and store things that had been taking up the space I wanted. Obviously, from the haphazard stacks of stuff you see in the picture, I've got a ways to go before everything is perfect.

At the end of the day... I didn't manage to repair the gas gauge on the motorcycle. So what? Just being able to, in a comfortable, convenient environment, was a pleasure.

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