Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We were wrong

We are not expecting two babies.

We are expecting THREE.

Edit: This was posted on April 1. Hint, hint. Four weeks later, I'm still getting people coming up to me, saying "Omigosh, are you SERIOUS?" ...I'm not, actually. April Fools, folks. Or, at least, I sure hope I'm joking.


Andy said...

April fools!

(I hope!)

junglewife said...

You gave me a heart attack there for a minute, until I remembered it is April 1. Ha ha! Keep us posted on when you find out how many babies you are having!!!

Carolina Kerr said...

I didn't check into the blog until April 2, so I missed the possibility of it being a joke. I rather like the idea of twins, but I am very glad triplets is a joke.