Friday, April 18, 2008

No, we didn't feel it

Ever since I got to work this morning, people have been asking left and right if anyone else felt this morning's earthquake. Well... no. Either by virtue of being young parents (and thus sleep like the dead) or having lived in more wiggly places (California, Costa Rica, Ecuador)... we didn't feel a thing.

Deborah called me a little while ago to let me know that we'd had another quake at 11:30, but even then, I had to be told.


junglewife said...

I felt it! Of course, I was already awake, having a very young one who wakes up to eat several times each night (and a not-as-young-one who is also waking up at night, but that's another story...!)

Jonadab said...

This is the midwest, man. An earthquake large enough to be detected without sensitive scientific equipment is big news. There are no fault lines anywhere near here. Earthquakes just don't get any bigger than that, and they don't come often either. Anything beyond about a 3.8 is big enough for people to talk about, and this was more like 5. You're going to be hearing about it for days, if not weeks.

I still remember the one when I was in sixth grade, which I personally didn't feel at the time, because my class was out at recess. Some of the kids in other classes who were sitting at their desks claimed to have actually felt it, and the rest of us were very envious. We spent most of the next week hoping there'd be an aftershock so we could feel it too.

My dad was at home and said at first he thought a truck was driving down the road in front of our house.

People talked about that one for months. This one was bigger.

But no, I didn't feel it either. I read about it on the slashdot. And let me tell you, you should *hear* the people who have never lived anywhere but California, reacting to this thing making the front page. One of them actually called this a "moderate" quake. Moderate? Come on, man, people *felt* it! It even woke people up! That's a once-in-a-decade phenomenon around here.