Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Dangerous Animal

For several weeks — months, now? — I have been joined in my outdoor activities by a small, very affectionate grey kitten. Taffy seems to get along with it quite well, and it is very cute...

I let him/her/it inside last night, just to see what would happen. Mostly it slunk around, hid under things, and inspired a lot of commentary from Fiona. Deborah told me not to get any ideas.

I have my own doubts, anyway, largely because of the missing tail. [Squeamish readers should skip to the beginning of the next paragraph] Now, I don't mean a little furry stub, I mean I can see the vertebrae. It doesn't look infected, but it's been that way for a few months now, so presumably it's not a fatal. How long does it take to heal over — or would it heal over at all? I'd hate to adopt it if it needed surgery.

Still, it is very cute...

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